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Sales and revenues matter to any business. And the best way to sell anything is to target it to those who could use it or need it. But getting your message across to (potential) customers has never been more important – or more challenging – than in today’s global business environment. That’s why 3W aims to provide your business with dedicated support across the entire marketing spectrum. You could have myriad reasons for seeking sales and/or marketing assistance. Perhaps you are short-staffed during critical periods. Perhaps you are suddenly faced with a gap in your marketing team, or you could do with an outsourced Sales Manager to give your business an extra boost. Whatever your needs, 3W’s interim Marketing Managers and interim Sales Managers have the skills and experience to put your sales effort back on track.

More and more highly skilled and reliable marketers and sales executives are considering interim opportunities. The benefits of a career in interim management are significant indeed:

  • using your skills in challenging situations and obtaining clear results.
  • working on varied, interesting and flexible contracts within a short timeframe.
  • focusing on getting things done and driving change, whilst managing your own affairs.
  • testing the waters in different sectors and industries.

Perhaps you are the interim manager who will help organisations improve their marketing strategy in an increasingly crowded industry?

Finding the right interim marketing manager with 3W

3W’s interim marketing managers are involved in strategy, development, operations and execution. Specifically, we can provide successful solutions in the areas of:

  • Product Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Advertising
  • (e)CRM
  • Call Centre Management
  • Press & Public Relations (including Crisis PR)
  • Point-of-Sale (POS) Development
  • Direct Marketing
  • Events
  • Collateral Management
  • Graphic Design


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