Finance, Administration and Legal

Interim Finance Manager

Cash flow is the lifeline of any business. You need to ensure that the right financial experts are available to manage it effectively. At 3W, we understand that additional financial management support can sometimes come in handy to

  • cover for leave or sickness
  • support a business through change
  • lead specific financial projects
  • guide a company through investments

3W’s Interim Financial Managers bring years of experience and distinct expertise in the diverse aspects of Financial Management and Planning. Thus, our financial experts are able to add substantial business value in diverse areas, including:

  • Accountancy
  • Fiscal Advice
  • Trustee Services
  • Real Estate Financing
  • Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Financing
  • Venture Capital Services
  • Corporate Finance Services

3W can significantly enhance your company’s Financial leadership. Allow us to help you find the right Interim Finance Manager or Interim Finance Director.

Alternatively, would you be interested in taking on an interim finance role? Take a look at our opportunities and become convinced of the benefits of joining the 3W network.


Interim Office Manager

Administration is the backbone of any organisation, ensuring a smooth flow of operations and information. Naturally, experience is highly valued in Interim Office Management. This makes 3W ideally suited to meet the unique administrative requirements of your organisation.

We specialise in identifying and attracting high-level administrative professionals with superior skills that make a difference and that guarantee quick results. Our administrative experts live up to the highest standards available in the industry, offering invaluable support and knowledge from day one.

  • Contact us to find out how we can help you find the best administrative talent for your business.
  • Are you an interim manager who wants to provide expertise and guidance to a number of different organisations? Browse through our opportunities and apply online.

Legal Interim Manager

Most organisations are operating in a tense environment of increased regulation. And most of these legal challenges ask for more services and resources than the usual in-house lawyers can provide. Does your company require a heavyweight Legal Manager who can make a real difference, but are you reluctant to take someone on full-time? Then your organisation is best served by a Legal Interim Manager, a dedicated expert to help you navigate through possible legal challenges for a specific period of time.

Our direct management solutions ensure that your company receives the specific legal competences you need, whenever you need them. Our legal interim specialists have skills and experience in all areas of law, including:

·         Commodity Law

·         Civil Law, Insurance, Traffic Law

·         Contract Law

·         Corporate Law

·         Trade Law

·         Transportation & Maritime Law

·         Intellectual Property Law

·         Penal Law

·         International Law

·         IT Law

·         Pharmaceutical Law

·         Medical Law

·         Debt Collection

·         Social Law

·         Fiscal Law

Get in touch today if your business needs a highly experienced Legal Interim Manager, or if you are looking for interim opportunities as a legal interim specialist.

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