Management Buy-in

If you are looking for a new manager to take over your current managerial tasks, a management buy in (or MBI) can be an option. This means that an experienced external manager or entrepreneur, who has not worked in or for the company before, buys himself in, providing financial resources and expertise to the company. The buy-in manager can take on a management position in different branches (Sales, HR, Finance, IT…)  and simultaneously invest in the company via shares and partnership, whether that would be partially or entirely. At 3W, we are happy to help you find a buy-in manager and follow up on the entire process of the MBI.

Would you like to know more about the process of a management buy-in or are you looking for a reliable partner to assist you during your MBI?

Feel free to contact us without obligations and read more about our event “Management Buy-In: a practical approach“.

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