27/11/2018 Events

Management Buy-In: a practical approach

If you are looking for one of the most efficient ways to take over a company or to boost your own company, with limited resources, a management buy-in could be the best option. This new business trend will be explained in this article thanks to three experts, who were invited by 3W. Boudewijn Dupont, Managing […]

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02/11/2018 Uncategorized

Change Management

Change management How to optimally deal with organisational changes Ever heard of Newton’s law of inertia? A body at rest will stay at rest. People have those tendencies too. It is in our human nature to be reluctant and hesitant towards change because our instinct tells us that it might be ‘dangerous’. However, change is […]

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18/06/2018 Events

Management buy-in: spannend én uitdagend

Management Buy-In: spannend én uitdagend Op donderdag 7 juni organiseerde 3W Executive Interim Management in de Drongense S.M.A.K. lounge van Moore Stephens Belgium samen met hun partners Sherpa Law, het Business Coaches Network en Moore Stephens Belgium een interactieve lezing omtrent management buy-In (MBI). Filip Van de Vliet kwam zijn persoonlijke management buy-in ervaring delen. Lars […]

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07/05/2018 Events

“Recruitment is een sales en marketingfunctie, geen HR” (text in Dutch)

“Recruitment is een sales en marketingfunctie, geen HR” De technologische evolutie zal het komende decennia de werkvloer, de rol van HR en zelfs ons maatschappelijk model grondig veranderen. “Er is geen war of talent meer”, zegt Hubert Vanhoe, Director Professional Staffing van The Adecco Group. “Talent heeft gewonnen.” Wat betekent dit voor de werkvloer, HR […]

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13/03/2018 News

Are You GDPR Compliant?

  We will help to put your company on The Road to Privacy Compliance The European Union’s Global Data Protection Regulation, also known as GDPR was recently passed into law by the European Union Parliament and many industry experts have described it as the most important change in data privacy regulation in the last 23 […]

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13/03/2018 Events

“Fund start-ups and their customer”

Pressure in the workplace is part and parcel of the healthcare sector. This well-established fact opens up opportunities for the HR sector and for start-ups devoted to developing new technologies. Video recruitment relying on artificial intelligence, funding for both start-ups and their customers, mobile app personalisation, … Innovative technologies offer opportunities aplenty for healthcare and […]

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