“Fund start-ups and their customer”

Posted on 13/03/2018


Pressure in the workplace is part and parcel of the healthcare sector. This well-established fact opens up opportunities for the HR sector and for start-ups devoted to developing new technologies.


Video recruitment relying on artificial intelligence, funding for both start-ups and their customers, mobile app personalisation, … Innovative technologies offer opportunities aplenty for healthcare and other sectors.

“Finding qualified staff is one of the biggest challenges hospitals are facing today”, says Marc Noppen, CEO at Brussels University Hospital. “And the need for care will only increase in the years to come, as the population continues to age. That’s why having a long-term vision is a must when hiring new staff.” Noppen believes this responsibility not only lies with HR professionals, but with governments and industries as well. He specifically looks to the latter for technological innovations which he hopes will relieve doctors and nurses of a considerable part of their job.

Oxypoint is one of the start-ups developing innovative products to achieve exactly that. Their newly developed oxygen tanks use 70% less O2, saving hospitals money and relieving overburdened hospital staff. With the help of government funding, the start-up has managed to find its place in the market over the past years. “Yet it would be interesting to extend funding to the customer”, argues Philip Hendrickx, CEO at Oxypoint. “Armed with a budget, they would be able to buy more innovative products and services. This, in turn, would create a direct link between start-ups and their clients, enabling the former to better cater to the latter’s needs.”

Technological innovations are also taking the HR world by storm – innovations which significantly speed up the recruitment process, to be more precise. Véronique Beunnens, Managing Director at XPE Pharma & Science, explains: “One of the most important transformations in the field of talent acquisition is that recruiters are increasingly taking on the role of digital marketer. Their focus is on attracting the market. Video recruitment (the modern-day equivalent of the paper resume) is just one of the new technologies that HR can put to good use here. Artificial Intelligence is another, allowing as it does for a personality assessment of each applicant based on facial expressions.”

Recruiter becomes digital marketer

One of the most important transformations in the field of talent acquisition is that recruiters are increasingly taking on the role of digital marketer. What are the implications?

– Véronique Beunnens, Managing Director XPE Pharma & Science

Fund start-ups and their customers

Why not extend funding for start-ups to their customers? What are the pitfalls?

– Philip Hendrickx, CEO of Oxypoint

The health prevention market is wide open

There is plenty of room for knowledge development in health prevention, and that creates opportunities especially for start-ups. Some examples?

– Rudi Torfs, Unit Manager, VITO Health

Shortage of staff is a key HR challenge

Why is the Belgian healthcare sector facing a chronic shortage of staff, and how can we remedy this?

– Marc Noppen, CEO of UZ Brussel

Starting small, staying in Belgium

When you founded Oxypoint, what made you decide to start small and stay in Belgium?

– Philip Hendrickx, CEO of Oxypoint

There’s no such thing as ‘the’ end consumer

Renovating is a complex affair, with a tangle of rules and procedures to consider. How can technology make things easier for the end user?

– Leen Govaerts, Unit Manager Smart Energy & Built Environment, VITO

Flanders, a pioneer for environmental health

How did Flanders manage to play a pioneering role in environmental health research?

– Rudi Torfs, Unit Manager, VITO Health

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