3W Masterclass Agile Leadership (5&23 May and 8 June)

Posted on 04/04/2017


Renewed 3W Academy

3W launches its renewed premium Academy with a series of new trainings. We are proud to invite you to the first edition of Masterclass in Agile Leadership.

The objective of this 3 day-training (5&23 May, 8 June – 1995 euros excl VAT – KMO Portefeuille) is to empower you with the necessary tools and insights to remain a step ahead in accompanying your clients and navigating fast in a context where decisions tend to become ever more complex and open-ended.

Most leadership teams are acutely aware they need to avoid their “Kodak” moment.   They install agile ways of working to respond faster to the market, aware of the impacts digitalisation will have on their teams and their customers’ experience, …

In this evolution classical management expertise needs to be facilitated by a new posture and new facilitation skills to lead more empowered teams.

Don’t miss this interesting opportunity.