3W Executive Interim Management: founding partner of NextConomy.be

Posted on 27/06/2017


On June 7, 2017, NextConomy.be was launched. The Belgian knowledge platform contains information and opinion pieces by and for freelancers, interim managers and clients. “Surely, there are plenty of other sources providing freelancers with useful information these days. Yet that information tends to be fragmented, often even incomplete. There is still plenty of information on employing freelancers and interim managers that we want to share with our clients,” says Marleen Deleu, editor-in-chief of NextConomy.be. “The knowledge platform serves as a bridge between both worlds, kickstarting the debate by connecting all parties involved.”

3W Executive Interim Management, subsidiary of Adecco Professional Staffing, is a founding partner of NextConomy. Boudewijn Dupont, Managing Director of 3W and member of the steering committee, is enthusiastic about the recent collaboration: “NextConomy is a Dutch initiative, where this hugely successful knowledge platform is called ZipConomy. The Belgian launch has made of 3W the exclusive opinion maker for all topics relating to interim management, taking into account both the interim manager’s and the client’s perspective. In addition to increased visibility, the intensive collaboration with NextConomy’s editorial team also grants 3W the opportunity to publish targeted surveys and other relevant dossiers”, Boudewijn explains.

Curious to see the result? Feel free to check out the NextConomy platform (in Dutch) anytime!