01/12/2019 News

From our CEO – The secret to selecting the right interim manager

Recently, 3W CEO Boudewijn Dupont participated in a Nextconomy seminar to share some pointers on how to select the right interim manager. Nextconomy was so kind as to devote an article (full video included) to it. For those who want just the basics however, we have provided a shorter version of the presentation here. We hope […]

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29/11/2019 Events

CEO Lunch – Change Management

A most successful lunch. On November 7, 3W was happy to welcome approximately 23 guests in Huis Empire for our latest CEO Lunch. Surrounded by all the beauty this venue had to offer, Kim Ciers, Bart Pattyn and Jo Libeer offered their thoughts on the subject of Change Management. Over delicious food and wine, there […]

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28/09/2019 Events

Inspiration Session – Employer Branding

Employer branding is here to stay. On September 26, 3W and VBO were pleased to invite two passionate speakers  –  Tim Clauwaert (Intuo) & Michael Humblet (Chaomatic) –  to come share with us their opinion on the necessity of companies branding themselves in order to achieve growth. Not lacking in powers of persuasion, the pair left […]

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22/09/2019 Events

3W Executive Lunch – Change Management

A roaring success! On September 20, 3W and Field Automobile were pleased to invite two renowned CEO’s of Walloon companies – Bruno Defrasnes (Engie Electrabel) and Thierry Huet (Biscuiterie Desobry SA) – to come share with us their experiences in change management. Surrounded by expertly restored vintage cars, we were happy to provide an amicable atmosphere where fruitful […]

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08/07/2019 News, Opinion

L’interim Management à la conquête de la Wallonie

L’interim Management à la conquête de la Wallonie Les chiffres de Federgon nous le confirment : le secteur de l’Interim Management est en croissance constante en Belgique. Qui sont ces professionnels actifs sur un marché demandant toujours plus de flexibilité et qui sont ces détenteurs de réponses aux besoins de transformation des entreprises ? Rencontre […]

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22/06/2019 Events

Inspiration Session – Expand Your Business

Implementing smart sales strategies On June 20, 3W was pleased to invite Michael Humblet (Chaomatic) as keynote speaker to share his most effective sales strategies and tactics to win and accelerate your pipeline. Michael revealed how the most successful European scale-ups utilized them to achieve their growth and passionately argued the case for them being […]

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