3W Advisory Board and Eco Partnership Program

3W Advisory Board: there to help you grow

We pride ourselves on finding the interim manager who best fits your needs and those of your business. But our commitment doesn’t stop there. Perhaps you need extra advice at some point during the assignment, a fresh perspective or a critical eye? Or perhaps you are looking to make that perfect match with your interim manager a permanent one, and you want to talk this option through with experts? That’s where our brand-new service comes in, the 3W Advisory Board, which complements our existing consulting services for our customers.

All Advisory Board members are handpicked for their professionalism, their expertise and their vast experience in diverse backgrounds. These advisors can be brought in at any time to help you understand – and solve – the question at hand by

  • giving personalised advice and efficient support
  • communicating professionally and effectively
  • providing a safe context for discussing important issues
  • ensuring complete confidentiality

Our Board members bring an outside perspective that is valuable to any reflective and self-critical organisation keen to grow.

3W Eco Partnership Program for consulting firms

Traditional partnership programs are beneficial to all stakeholders, and that is no different with our 3W Eco Partnership Program. Yet we offer consulting firms the added benefit of working with us to enhance our mutual offering and increase business revenues.

The 3W Eco Partnership revolves around the following five key elements:

  1. 3W will provide high-level executive interim managers within 48 hours
  2. Costing will be based on lead fee or split margin
  3. Most administrative matters will be handled via 3W’s web portal, facilitating and streamlining your administration
  4. The consultant has the possibility of going direct after 150 working days
  5. 3W caters to all C-level and board-level interim managers

We know money talks. So we are committed to giving you a good rate of return for increasing our collective businesses. We offer excellent commission rates, meeting and even exceeding the requirements of our industry. In addition, as a partner you will benefit from our effective marketing strategies, which will help boost your business.

Let’s meet to see how we can help each other grow.

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