08/03/2019 Opinion

Interim Management is Value for Money

Using the expertise of an external manager and still keeping the costs for the company within bounds. There are very few companies in the world that do not have to account for the prices they charge their customers. For the majority, the price they place on their products or services – and the market position […]

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01/02/2019 Opinion

The misperception of Interim Management

About Interim Management and persistent misunderstandings Interim Management is well established with large SMEs and multinationals. This is often less the case with smaller companies. For many, there is the misperception that Interim Managers are expensive and less flexible, lacking expertise, … The opposite is true. Do not compare apples with oranges If one compares […]

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20/10/2016 Opinion

The future of interim management

At 3W, we believe that the importance of interim management will only increase in future years – in fact, this trend is already visible in recent Federgon reports. After all, we live in a rapidly evolving world in which new technologies pop up every day. We also face constant social changes. The fact that many […]

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