3W helps InBev find a senior project manager for the PerfectDraft© project

The challenge

InBev is the largest brewery in the world and an undeniable industry leader. The company distributes over 200 different brands, has offices in 32 countries and employs 77000 people. To maintain its leading position and to ensure its innovative character, InBev continually invests in research. Together with Philips, InBev developed a compact draught-beer dispenser which allows consumers to enjoy draught beer at home. To get this complex project on track and to introduce this innovative product to the international market, InBev needed a senior project manager.

The approach

Based on their previous experiences with 3W, InBev decided to involve them in their search for a senior project manager for PerfectDraft®. This difficult-to-fill position required substantial experience with high level project management. With its flexible attitude and supported by its vast network, 3W was able to find a senior project manager who lived up to these expectations and was available on short notice. His most important challenges were to

  • draw up a plan for the worldwide introduction of PerfectDraft®
  • align the different corporate cultures at InBev, Philips and other companies involved
  • ensure efficient leadership for the multipurpose project team
  • enable the successful and timely launch of the new concept

The result

The senior project manager managed to bring people from InBev, Philips and other parties together to create a smooth-running machine. His enthusiastic leadership helped to ensure that the project was completed on time and that the launch of the PerfectDraft® dispensing appliance was an instant success. The product has since been introduced in other countries as well.