3W found the perfect interim COO Benelux for Eneco’s biogas department

The challenge

Eneco, a Dutch energy company with more than 6500 staff and well over 2 million customers, needed an interim COO Benelux to manage its biogas activities. Bio-fermentation and processing are still relatively recent phenomena, so the COO had to be completely up to speed with the cutting-edge technology involved. The focus points were: operational results, maintenance, safety, and the reorganisation of the team.

The approach

3W brought Eneco in touch with a highly experienced interim COO, who immediately got to work on

  • classifying the issues at hand, reporting them and executing solutions in consultation with the management
  • monitoring the operational aspect of the biogas facilities
  • providing support during the day-to-day execution of the business
  • suggesting and implementing changes
  • discussing environmental issues with the authorities to obtain permits
  • putting the right people in the right place
  • replacing employees who were no longer motivated
  • clamping down on overtime
  • bridging the cultural divide between the Dutch company and the Flemish farmers who were involved in the biogas project

The result

The interim COO managed to create a collaborative atmosphere between Eneco on the one hand, and the farmers with biogas facilities on their property on the other. Ensuring a smooth communication between these two parties was not self-evident, but Van Hove pulled it off magnificently. “In addition, he brought much-needed stability to the organisation,” says the Director of Innovation at Eneco, who had nothing but praise for the COO’s problem-solving approach.