Alstom swiftly found an interim warehouse manager thanks to 3W

The challenge

The Charleroi branch of Alstom, a world leading provider of rail transport infrastructure, called on 3W to find an interim warehouse manager who would be able to reorganise the warehouse management and delivery system. Alstom was about to introduce a new ERP system, so the entire supply chain had to be adapted to ensure a smooth transition. Throughout, improving delivery time and increasing stock reliability were paramount.

The approach

Alstom wanted to avoid the trap of bringing SAP technicians on board and introducing the IT aspect without adjusting the processes themselves. To help the company out, 3W introduced Alstom to an interim warehouse manager who brought a vast amount of management experience and supply chain knowledge. He immediately got to work on the processes outlined by the industrial director, making sure every aspect of the chain – from offer to delivery and invoicing – was brought in line with the new ERP system.

In addition, the interim warehouse manager started implementing additional changes, such as

  • increasing the warehouse’s control of the goods delivered
  • making sure the goods left the reception in under three days
  • keeping up a steady supply to production to avoid delays
  • improving the collaboration between the teams (goods delivery, warehouse supplies, and management and production supplies)

The result

The interim warehouse manager succeeded in implementing the ERP system and familiarised every employee with these new standards, all the while keeping delivery and production running at full speed. He also streamlined the communication between the various Alstom departments. In addition, he adjusted the cycle-counting system to maximise stock reliability. The Industrial Director at Alstom was impressed by this swift introduction of the SAP template and the overall improvements the interim warehouse manager implemented.